My first encounter with SoBe was a redesign and brand extension. I worked on the label production as well as the end of job rendering. I was given a flat, 3D bottle and had to apply the label, fluid colors and change caps colors. I accomplished this with my intensive knowledge of blend modes and developing intricate masks utilizing channels. These end renders show the breadth of the project. Production of the mechanicals was intensive. Each scale had its own gradient, with an overprint and another gradient set to overprint that. While the overprints lent themselves great for printing, I had to do intense color correction to make the mechanicals appear correctly on the bottle, over the liquid in Photoshop. The art director did not like the actual 3D renders of the bottles and I was asked to step in to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Using my Photoshop experience, I am quite adept at making something out of many different, difficult sources and making them work.

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