Hi, I'm Amy Cartolano. I can make most anything (within reason) out of nothing. I've been doing this for most of my career, which began in 2000. I'm adept at Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Indesign, amongst other various now called "Creative Cloud" applications. I've been using Photoshop for over 20 years, Illustrator nearly 20 years and Indesign for 10 years (QuarkXpress was king when I was coming up). I specialize in retouching and advanced Photoshop. I have been a production artist, graphic designer, senior designer and retoucher. I've run the gamut of work environments, from starting in advertising, to packaging, pharma, newspaper, media and most recently packaging and retouching for one of the biggest corporations in the world. I am looking for the perfect fit at a company (freelance, consultant or permanent) where I can be an all-encompassing artist and problem-solver.
I've been a teacher to many of my juniors in Photoshop, Illustrator and print production techniques. I emphasize a non-destructive approach in working in Photoshop as well as Channels being the heart and soul of the program (blame this on Dan Margulis' Professional Photoshop Fifth Edition). I've taught not only junior art directors just starting out but also design directors, on the job. I walked them through Photoshop and Illustrator techniques so that they could execute the concepts they envisioned in their heads, while also keeping print production in mind. I always stress the importance of learning shortcuts, being open to new features as well as new workflows. I love to teach the inexperienced and experienced alike. 
In addition to always staying on top of the latest and greatest Photoshop, it is my intention to conquer 3D. Stay tuned!
I'm open to all inquiries. I can work on a "by-project" basis, freelance, consult, or teach. I am also open to a permanent position, if the fit is right.
Since this is an "About" me section, of course my resume is here. I have a Bachelors of Fine Art (Graphic Design) from The University of Tampa. I graduated in May 2000 and I have loved what I do ever since. I have got nearly eighteen years in the business professionally (more, if you count the internship with my first employer). I would also like to add that I love to run, hike and have bright red hair (my trademark). I have 3 cats, love craft beer and am obsessed with cosmetics. My dream job would be to work in some packaging or retouching capacity at a cosmetics company. 
You can download my resume here.

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