This was the second redesign of an Aquafina Sparkling in my time at onsite at Pepsi. Aside from handling retouching duties, I worked on the concept development and production closely with this very particular designer. Balance, space and typesetting were of utmost importance to him. I was his "go-to" artist, since I shared his sensibility. He always sought me out for advice and execution since I possessed the patience and skill it requires to work with such a fastidious designer.
At the end of every project, e-commerce images must be created for all packaging. They appear on sites such as Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart and for many grocery chains. The images are rendered in Photoshop, the other elements are exported from the Illustrator mechanical file. The e-commerce images also provide alternate views, sometimes showing a secondary panel with romance copy, which was the case with Aquafina Sparkling. In 2016, we revisited all beverage packaging in order to update the nutrition facts and calorie buttons so that they were FDA compliant by 2018. Every company in the food and beverage industry was affected by this change. The renders below will not only be exemplary of typical e-commerce, but will also show the alternate views. The secondary panel with romance copy (below, far left) was another feat in balance and precision with this very particular designer. 

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